Here at zone we transform our members. If your willing to attend 3 sessions a week and stick to our easy to follow plan this could be for you:

Laides Transformation

Mens Transformation

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About Zone

Who we are and what we do best at The Zone Neston

Zone Fitness started in 2009 with a passion for helping others, our team understand that everyone is different with their own challenges on both a fitness and personal level.


This is what motivates us and is the best part of our job, seeing people achieve, there is no greater job satisfaction for us when this happens. Fitness and wellness is for everyone and shouldn’t be ignored, take small steps to control your life and health, it’s that simple and were here to help.


We have members from 15 to 80 all committing to a better way of life. Sometimes things get in the way, looking after the kids, families, priorities can change overnight. Your commitment to lasting change shouldn’t, 30 minutes, 2-3 times a week, we can all manage that! Measurements, Weight, Training Programmes, motivational advice and Nutritional Guides, all free of charge, to show you are making progress.


If you have any questions about what we can do for you, then please just call in and see us or pick up the phone 0151 353 0530. We really would like to help!